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What to eat in Osaka and Kyoto

As I promised you guys, I’ll be writing a separate post about the food I tried and tasted in Osaka and Kyoto. I was overwhelmed with the food selection in Osaka and Kyoto because they have the best street food. I’m not really an adventurous eater, I’m more of a I’ve-got-hungry eyes-and-I-want-that-I-want-this and ooohhh-that’s-a-cute-food-I’ll-try-it type of eater. Japan has a wide selection of street food and I’m pretty sure that just by seeing the food, you’ll get full instantly. You will not want to eat in restaurants anymore. Hashtag FOODPORN!

After exploring the vermillion torii gates of Fushimi Shrine, I’m sure you’ll be tired and famished. The alley just outside the shrine is full of street food! Now, if you find yourself in Osaka, Dotonbori is the place to be! It’s a long street full of shops, restaurants and street food.

Here are some of the food I tried:

Rice wrapped in bacon and cheese, 500JPY

Bacon + cheese = BEST COMBO ever! It’s very delicious, filling and satisfying. The flavors just blend well together. And guys, it has BACON, bacon and bacon and it’s topped with torched CHEESE. Need I say more?


Beef Steak on a skewer


Chicken Yakitori

Grilled bite-sized chicken pieces usually thighs and breasts smothered with teriyaki sauce. It’s the perfect match to an ice cold Sapporo beer.


Shaved ice with strawberry toppings

The stall we found in Kyoto only sells strawberry shaved ice; more flavors are being sold in Dotonbori. It has a refreshing taste and it’ll definitely quench your thirst.




Japanese dumpling which is made from rice flour and is similar to mochi. The unique thing about it is the sauce is made up of sugar and soy-based sauce. It’s a weird combination but it works.


Matcha Ice Cream

It’s made of authentic matcha. I swear, guys, it’s 100% green tea goodness. I couldn’t stop myself from eating it. I decided to get another serving. You can choose from plain matcha or matcha and vanilla.



Fried octopus filled with green onions, ginger, pieces of octopus and tempura crisps. It’s topped with dried bonito flakes, mayonnaise and special takoyaki sauce. I’m not a big fan of takoyaki but my boyfriend is. He said it was way tastier than the takoyaki in Manila.

Frozen Butterbeer

Butterbeer, Potterheads! I’m not a Harry Potter fan but this frozen butterbeer is the bomb! It tastes like butterscotch with condensed milk. Univeral Studio Japan’s butterbeer has no alcohol which makes it totally drinkable for kids. You can have it in a plastic cup or a limited edition Harry Potter mug.


Luke’s Lobster Roll

The famous lobster roll which is juicy lobster sandwiched in between buttered bread. You may also try their club and shrimp rolls. Oishii!


Ichiran Ramen

There are a lot of popular ramen places in Osaka and one of them is called Ichiran. You have to place your orders through a vendo machine. Choose your ramen bowl and add extras; I usually order extra half noodles and eggs.

Have you tried these food yet? You can add more food on the list by commenting below 🙂

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  • Reply Clarisse Castro santos September 22, 2017 at 12:09 pm

    Waaaah!!!! Want to go back again in japan! .😭 Takoyaki and Udon in Nagoya is my Favourite food ever! They have the weirdest flavor of food ! Ilang flavors nga ba ung kitkat nila? Hmmmm. 😂 Diko matandaan. Ang ganda sa japan. Promise!!!! 😍

    • Reply Diane Salazar September 22, 2017 at 7:40 pm

      Super daming Kitkat flavors na sa Japan. Others seem out-of-this-world na! LOL

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