Jeunesse Anion’s Millenial Fair

I know how difficult it is for us girls whenever we have our periods. Imagine what we go through every month-uncomfortable, icky feeling, mood swings, crazy cravings and uncontrollable zits popping on our faces! Yup, it’s so hard being a girl. We want a sanitary pad that has quick absorption and can truly protect us from stains, bacteria and odour. Jeunesse Anion has all that plus an Anion chip! 

So what’s an Anion chip? 

Anions are negatively charged atom which are naturally generated by evaporating water. These are also found in natural places such as beaches. In layman’s term, anions are Vitamins of the Air. They are the reasons why we feel so energized when we go near these places. Cations, however, are the the opposite of anions. These are found in the decay of UV rays, exhaust, smoke and the like. Anions act as neutralizers to the harmful effects brought by cations.

Jeunesse Anion releases a lot of negative ions which makes that uneasy period feeling disappear. Aside from that, it also helps balance PH and hormone levels, protects against germs in the air, reduces inflammation, fights against vaginal irritations, eliminates unwanted odour, and lessens the discomfort of dysmenorrhea. 

Last week, Jeunesse Anion invited me to attend their Millenial Fair held at Marriott Hotel hosted by the beautiful sportscaster, Jeanine Beatrice. There were three empowered women speakers- Dr. Faith Suelen (OBGYNE), Mille Romero (Health Coach) and Nicole Romero (Beauty Blogger at @beautyandsparkl), who talked about reproductive health, holistic health living and how to stay pretty. They also discussed the importance of maintaining a well-balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. 



Mille Romero, a health coach, shared some healthy recipes for women on the go.  I specifically love the fresh fruit smoothie recipe she shared which includes cranberry, mixed berries, banana, barley and greek yoghurt. The nutrient-packed smoothie helps boost one’s immune system and is really easy to make. Aside from the smoothie recipe, she also shared how to make a five-minute salad dressing and red pesto sauce.


Sportscaster-slash-host, Jeanine Beatrice


Jeunesse Anion’s Marketing Head, Ms. MJ Huang


Mille Romero and Jeanine whipping up a healthy smoothie


With fellow blogger, Gen-zel

Aside from the very informative talks, Jeunesse Anion introduced their newest endorsers – tennis superstar sisters, Christine and Clarice Patrimonio. Unfortunately, Clarice wasn’t able to make it so we were only able to chat with Christine.


Jeunesse Anion products were showcased in the event including the Ultra Day Pad, Ultra Night Pad, Panty Liner, Ultra Day Non-Wing and All Night Pad. They also launched their all-day singles pad which is perfect from day to night and fits perfectly in your purse! I personally love Jeunesse Anion’s panty liner because it keeps me fresh everyday and I also love the all night pad because it 100% protects me from leaks even when I workout.




Jeunesse Anion All-day Pad

The event was catered by Marriott Hotel and it was also made possible by Jergens Philippines, Clara Ole, Dona Elena, Caronia, Sante Barley, and Old Vineyard.

Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkin is available on Lazada, Watsons, select Mercury Drug outlets, and SM Health and Beauty Section .

PS: Don’t forget to check out Jeunesse Anion’s combo packages on their website, too! 🙂

(Source: https://www.jeunesseanion.com/about/what-are-anions/)

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