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Europe Beauty Haul

Hi guys! I just got back from my one month Eurotrip and I have so many things to share! I went to see Rome, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, and Berlin. With great sightseeing comes great shopping! LOL.I’m gonna start with the beauty products that I bought! I thought Sephora stores are abundant in Europe just like in the US but I was wrong! They only have few Sephora stores as in I’ve only seen one or two. They have their local version of Sephora though and big department stores such as KaDeWe and Galleries Lafayette, just like Rustan’s here, where they sell branded cosmetics and skincare products. 

Let’s get to my haul, shall we?

Giorgio Armani Silk Finish Foundation

I read many good reviews about this product. According to the articles I read online, it’s becoming a cult favourite amongst makeup artists and beauty bloggers. True enough, this product is wonderful! It comes in a pump bottle and has a light to medium coverage. I didn’t have a hard time looking for the perfect shade. I think this foundation suits most skin types – from Europeans to Asians. It has a runny consistency so be careful because it might spill. It’s super easy to blend and is 100% buildable. IMHO, this is an upgraded version of Maybelline’s Fit Me Foundation. It stays on my face from morning until early evening –  8 hours max. I have to retouch a bit after. I love it because 1. It doesn’t have a smell 2. It’s super lightweight 3. It really gives a silky, smooth finish. But, yes there’s a but, I need a setting spray to make it last longer because I have an oily face. 



NARS Liquid Blush in Orgasm

This is my most awaited beauty product! NARS finally created a liquid version of their best-selling NARS blush. It comes in a handy dandy pump bottle. It’s hard to control the amount of the product, though. A pea-sized amount goes a long way. I just pump it as gently as I can. It’s highly pigmented and gives you natural rosy cheeks the entire day. There’s more shimmer in the powder blush and just an ample shimmer in this liquid blush. It has a semi-thick consistency. I just don’t like that the oil tends to go up the bottle. You have to shake it well before you use it.  Some beauty bloggers say that this liquid blush still looks good even if you apply it after you set your face. I haven’t tried it yet but I will give you guys an update if ever. I love that it doesn’t make your face cakey. Au Naturel.  





Maybelline The Falsies Push Up in Angel

I have the local version of this mascara called The Falsies Push Up. In my previous blogpost, I gave the local version a 6/10. The Push Up in Angel comes with a wing brush which makes it easier to coat both upper and lower lashes. It volumizes my lashes – making it like I have plump lashes. It’s perfect for everyday use because it’s waterproof.It opens your eyes without exaggerating. Manila weather is a b*tch and it melts your makeup off but don’t worry, this mascara will not disappoint you. 




Maybelline FitMe Poreless Matte Foundation

I thought that Maybelline Philippines is not going to release it here so I bought one in Paris. And then when I came home, they launched the FitMe line. LOL. I had a hard time finding the right shade because I can’t choose between 110 and 120. Hmm, maybe it’s because of the lighting in the store. 110 is lighter than my skin color and has a pink undertone while 120 is a darker shade with a yellow undertone. In the end I chose 120 because it’s the closest shade to my skin color. I tried this when I went to the Britney Spears’ concert and it stayed on my sweaty face! Yup, it did not melt sans setting spray. It has a creamy texture which is good because it’s not gonna run on your mixing palette. It’s easy to blend and is also buildable. It gives a medium to full coverage. It really gives off a matte finish and it really hides the pores. IMO, It’s a little too heavy to wear daily. Fun Fact: I don’t wear foundation everyday, I sometimes use concealer as my base. 



The Balm Bahama Mama Bronzer 

This bronzer comes in a little yellow package with a tropical beach girl. I like this bronzer because it has an intense color and a little swipe does wonders to the face! Since I have an oval-shaped face, I swipe at the apple of my cheeks and sweep towards my temples. I seldom use bronzer because the contour I do at the start of my makeup routine is enough for me. I only use bronzer if 1. I get sun-kissed because of a beach trip 2. if I want to add more color on my face. 




Have you guys tried any of these products? Share your thoughts below 🙂


Glossier Haul

Glossier is a US-based cosmetics. They also have TDF skincare products. Their products are affordable yet effective. Their products became cult favorites instantly. The most talked about Glossier product is their newest cheek stain called Cloud Paint. Hollywood makeup artists used it to the A listers such as Rashida Jones, Chrissy Teigen, Reese Witherspoon and Allison Williams in the recently concluded Oscars. I got really intrigued and I wanted to try them out! Unfortunately they don’t ship in the Philippines so when my friend went to the States, I immediately bought stuff online and had them shipped to her address there. Here are my Glossier Haul!



Rose Balm Dotcom

Basically, it’s a lip balm which moisturises, protects and heals lips. It has a rose stain which subtly colors the lips. I love that it smells like roses, too! It’s a little bit sticky so make sure to put just the right amount on your lips. It seals moisture on your lips especially in this hot and humid Manila weather. 



Cloud Paint in Haze and Puff

This is my new favourite tint! It comes in a girly coloured tube. It’s highly pigmented – a little tint goes a long way. I love how it gives you that perfect natural glow. It makes you have that I-just-finished-my-workout flush. It’s not sticky and doesn’t leave a stain on your fingers. I also use it as lip stain.  Haze has a darker tint while Puff is lighter. If you have fair skin, I suggest you use Haze so you’ll have a cheekier flush. 




Glossier Matte Lipstick- Generation G in Like and Cake

I got excited because like who doesn’t get excited with lippies?! so I bought two shades. Sadly, they say it’s matte but it’s not matte enough for me. It’s more of a sheer, glossy lippie. It’s not a great lipstick but more on a lip tint. It definitely has a lower color payoff than most lipsticks. It gives a subtle, natural lip color. 






I also made an amateur Glossier video! Check it out <3

Glossier is available at but lucky you, it’s now available at BeautyMNL! Go check it out guys.


Happy Skin x Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Liquid Matte Lipstick

Tale as old as time

Song as old as rhyme

Beauty and the Beast

fullsizerender-222 Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie ever and Belle has been and always will be my favourite princess amongst all of the beautiful Disney princesses. I remember when I was in grade school, I memorised the theme song whole-heartedly and repeatedly sung it for two months. I got LSS when I first heard it and yup, it got stuck with me. I bet I annoyed some of my classmates back then. LOL.

I’m pretty sure you’ve seen the movie adaptation of the Disney classic, Beauty and the Beast. I think Emma Watson portrays Belle perfectly. Her very pretty face suits the character well. She has an almost flawless skin! Don’t you think her makeup is perfect as well? It’s very natural and simple but the makeup makes Belle’s character glow. We can now have a Beauty and the Beast feel thanks to Happy Skin x Disney’s Beauty and the Beast limited edition liquid matte lipstick.

fullsizerender-223 fullsizerender-225I got the liquid lipstick only but you may opt to buy the set complete with the lip liner. The acrylic tube complete with Beauty and the Beast design makes it more adorable. Just like other lipsticks from Happy Skin, the Beauty and the Beast liquid matte lipstick quickly dries upon application but doesn’t dry out your lips. It gives you a perfect matte finish and you need not to reapply even after three meals. 

fullsizerender-224I love that it’s another MLBB shade. It’s a dusky rose shade which makes it perfect for everyday use. You can definitely use this whether you’re in the office or going to a party.

You can get yours at Happy Skin stores, Zalora and Beauty Bar. 


Review: St. Joan and Earth and Eve Products

In this chemically-infested world, people are getting smarter with the products they use. They now choose a healthier lifestyle and most of them including me are switching to organic products- food, household items and yes, even makeup. Two years ago, I introduced myself to organic food when I was trying to lose weight. I usually go to Healthy Options for my weekly grocery; I’ve tried Quinoa, vegan chips and yup, gluten-free chocolate bars and gummy bears. Anyway, I remember browsing at the organic makeup section at Healthy Options and I thought, hmm, does this really work? Will the effects be the same just as the normal makeup? I grabbed a cheek stain and I fell in love with organic items since then. 

I was excited when St. Joan and Earth & Eve, an online brand who sells beauty items made from natural ingredients, sent some of their products for me to try. I received a small but cute lip pouch in bright pink. Inside were two variants of their 8 hour cream blush and a lip and cheek stain.


fullsizerender-136 fullsizerender-134

8 hour Lip and Cheek Stain in Scarlet Berry

When I was in grade school, I used to eat LIPPS candy just to have natural-looking red lips. I’m sure you guys have tried it, too. Now, I don’t have to do it anymore. Thank God for this lip stain!

The 8 hour lip and cheek stain is packaged in a roll-on spill-proof bottle. It smells like strawberries and it tastes like cherries, too! The color payoff is wonderful and it’s easy to apply. It’s a little bit runny and all you need is one light application to achieve that natural-looking red lips. Scarlet Berry is a cherry red shade. It’s not too bright nor too vampy. The color faints off after one meal, but you can reapply whenever you want.

fullsizerender-132 fullsizerender-133fullsizerender-127

8 hour Cream Blush in Natural Rosy and Sweet Pink

This blush comes in a small transparent pot. It’s so handy and it will definitely fit inside your makeup kit or your everyday purse. I love that it has a smooth and creamy texture. It’s highly pigmented and is very buildable. It will really give you an instant glow. I’m definitely sure that it’s a good buy because it lasts all day. I’m not sure if it’s waterproof but I will update you guys when I use it for my upcoming beach trip. 

 fullsizerender-137 fullsizerender-135

I swatched both natural rosy and sweet pink. Natural rosy is a burnt red shade while sweet pink is a bright pink shade. I love natural rosy more because it suits me better.   It’s like I have natural rosy cheeks. Sweet pink, on the other hand, suits super fair-skinned girls. 


Natural Rosy


Natural Rosy


Sweet Pink


Sweet Pink

If you want to try these wonderful products, you may do so by ordering from St. Joan on Instagram @stjoancares.

Have you guys tried any organic makeup or beauty products? Share your thoughts below. 🙂


Get kissable lips with Maybelline’s Powder Matte Lipstick

I’m sure you have a favourite go-to lipstick. The kind of lipstick that you can use from day to night or that lipstick which can help transform your look from simple to elegant instantly. If you’re looking for a lightweight, no stickiness, hydrating matte-finish lipstick, you’re lucky because Maybelline recently launched their newest lipstick collection called Powder Matte Lipstick. It’s their most lightweight matte lipstick. It comes in fifteen, yes fifteen, shades! The collection focuses on nudes, pinks and reds.

fullsizerender-98 fullsizerender-104


Mauve It Up

  • dupe for MAC’s Pink Nouveau
  • cotton candy pink think of Betty Cooper’s lipstick 

Pink Shot

  • hot pink
  • dupe for MAC’s Candy Yumyum

Up To Date

  • perfect crossbreed of red and pink

Fuchsia Flash

  • deep, bright pink

Pink Potion

  • raspberry pink

Technically Pink

  • barbie pink

fullsizerender-105 fullsizerender-102


Cherry Chic

  • subtle red 
  • not too bright, not too dark

Noir Red

  • sangria red with a subtle hint of penny brown

Plum Perfection

  • a sexy, garnet red

Red-dy red

  • vibrant orange-y red

Get Red-dy

  • dupe for MAC’s Ruby Woo
  • bright red

fullsizerender-106 fullsizerender-95


Touch of Nude

  • perfect MLBB
  • taupe-like nude

Barely There

  • pinkish nude

Make Me Blush

  • salmon pink with a hint of apricot peach

Nude Illusion

  • pale pink

fullsizerender-101 fullsizerender-94

It has a silky smooth powdery finish and is perfect for all skin types. It’s also creamy and highly pigmented. It’s as if you’re applying butter on your lips then dries into a matte finish. It stays all day long and lasts after two meals. I love how it sticks on the lips. It doesn’t get messy when you remove it. 


I personally love Plum Perfection, although, I think they should’ve made it darker. For the pinks, I’m really into Mauve It Up because I’m addicted to Riverdale and I love how it mimics Betty Cooper’s lipstick shade. Lastly, Make Me Blush for the nudes because it’s on the MLBB shade but bright enough to lighten up the face. 

Have you tried the new Maybelline Powder Matte Lipsticks? Which one is your favourite? 

PS: BeautyMNL and Watsons are having an introductory sale for these lovelies. Get yours now at P199 only!


How to easily achieve killer eyebrows

Makeup gurus have invaded Instagram and I’m pretty sure you guys have seen at least one of their makeup videos. Doing one’s eyebrows may seem to be intimidating—“Are my eyebrows even?” “Oops maybe I applied too much and now I’m left with super thick eyebrows.” Achieving killer eyebrows can be tricky especially if you’re a newbie like me but thanks to K-Palette’s 1DAY Tattoo Lasting 3Way Eyebrow Pencil, I can get gorgeous kilay (brows) everyday! 

K-Palette’s 1DAY Tattoo Lasting 3Way Eyebrow Pencil includes a pencil, an eyebrow powder and a spoolie. The best thing about this Japanese product is it lasts all day! It’s becoming a cult favorite amongst Philippines’ beauty gurus. Who wouldn’t love this product? It’s super easy to use and very affordable. You can create Instagram eyebrows with this 3-in-1 eyebrow pencil. Makeup tip: To make your eyebrows last even longer, apply brow gel.

fullsizerender-79 fullsizerender-77 fullsizerender-76

Step 1: Outline the shape of your eyebrows. Make sure to follow you brow arch so you can achieve natural-looking brows. 


Step 2: You can fill in the sparse spaces using the eyebrow powder or just the pencil. I shade the brow tail darker and the brow head lighter.


Step 3: Blend, blend, blend everything together using the spoolie! Tadaaahhh! P R E T T Y E Y E B R O W S!


K-Palette is available at Beauty Bar and Zalora 🙂


My Night Time Skin Care Routine

A clean slate is the perfect base for makeup so I make sure to follow a strict nighttime skincare ritual. I’m usually at field during daytime so imagine all the dusts, smoke and pollution that goes straight to my face every single day. I make sure that my skin recovers from all the dirt I’ve accumulated before getting a good night’s sleep. Let me share my simple routine.



I’ve tried several facial wash from high-end to drugstore brands but my skin adapts well to Pond’s Acne Clear Facial Foam. I’m not actually acne-prone but I really have oily skin. Pond’s Acne Clear Facial Foam is formulated with Active Thymo-T Essence which helps eliminate acne and makes the skin clearer and smoother. Although, it doesn’t actually remove blackheads and other hard to reach dirt, it helps keep the oiliness of my face at bay. I love how affordable it is and it’s readily available everywhere.



Even if I have oily skin, I make sure to keep my face hydrated. I use two products to help my skin refreshed- Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Serum and Glossier Super Glow. Click here to know about Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Serum. Glossier Super Glow is the newest addition to my skincare. It’s a pretty new cosmetic brand which originated in Los Angeles and it’s becoming a cult favorite amongst women. It boosts vitamin C and magnesium for a glowing complexion. Since it has a water-like texture, it doesn’t feel greasy at all! No stickiness and it really dries fast. It gives you a super refreshed skin; it feels like you get 8 hours of sleep everyday. 

fullsizerender-70 fullsizerender-65


I’m using OLAY Natural White All In One Fairness Night Cream. Again, since it’s a drugstore brand, it’s readily available everywhere and affordable, too. It has a triple nutrient system- vitamin B3, B5 and E. These ingredients lighten and even out the skin tone while reducing dark spots. It has a creamy lightweight texture and it’s odorless. My face glows the next morning! I usually dab a small amount onto my face. I let it dry by putting my face infront the electric fan. LOL.


Crowfeet and dark circles have always been my problem. I have to blame my genes and lifestyle for these problems but thanks to Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Eye-Opening Serum, my eyes are now firmer. I just recently tried this and I’m seeing results already. It’s a lightweight cream packaged in a small purple bottle with a pump. It doesn’t totally remove the dark circles but it makes my eyes less puffy. It really helps lift and hydrate tired, saggy eyes. I apply it using my ring finger dabbing on my lids and under eye area. It tends to get flaky and sticky so I only use this at night. 



To keep my lips soft and kissable, I use Burt’s Bees Wild Cherry Lip Balm.  It’s made with cherry oil, beeswax, and vitamin E which rejuvenate lips. It’s very effective in keeping my lips hydrated and it also smells like cherries and adds a little color on my lips. 


What’s your night time skin care? 🙂


K Beauty: Rucy’s Vanity

I admit I wasn’t into anything Korean before even back when Koreanovelas were popular. I don’t eat Korean food neither have I tried using Korean beauty products. Hey, at least I know who Lee Min Ho is. LOL. Anyway, Rucy’s Vanity recently sent me their bestselling products which include mascara, eyeliner, two-way cake foundation and lipstick. Honestly, I was nervous to try them because it is my time to actually try K-Beauty. 


The makeup was packaged in pink and black boxes. I was like “Omg! It’s pink! How lovely!” Finally, I got to test each products. I first tried on the two way cake with SPF35++. It’s foundation and powder combined in one product. I love that it has a whitening effect which makes the skin more flawless and guys, it has SPF35++ which protects the face from the harmful rays of the sun. It also has a medium coverage, enough to cover blemishes on the face. I also love how buildable this product is. The result is flawless skin without the cakiness equals no-pale-looking-ghost-like-face. 

fullsizerender-61 fullsizerender-62 fullsizerender-60

Next, I tried the Waterproof Eyeliner and Gleamy Lavish Waterproof Mascara. Both products are waterproof which are perfect for me because 1. I love anything waterproof 2. I have a bad habit of accidentally rubbing my eyes and completely forgetting that I have eye makeup on. The eyeliner glides smoothly onto my lids. It comes in a small and compact bottle. It has a small paintbrush-like brush which is neither stiff nor soft. It’s very easy to use especially for makeup beginners. You can easily do a wing using the RV’s eyeliner. Now onto the mascara. It comes in a mascara tube just like any other mascara and has a classic tubular mascara wand for creating defined yet natural lashes. It doesn’t have any chemical-like smell which I like. It gives volume to my eyelashes without getting clumpy. 

fullsizerender-53 fullsizerender-54 fullsizerender-58 fullsizerender-59 fullsizerender-55

Finally, I tried RV’s lipstick in Qute Pink. It says on the box that it gives vibrant colors. Yup, true enough, it really does. All you need is one to two swipes and you’ll have a lovely intense lip color. Qute Pink is a cotton candy pink shade just like Betty Cooper’s lipstick shade on Riverdale. The color’s perfect for everyday use as it is not too loud. The lipstick gives a semi-matte finish and doesn’t dry out the lips. 


The verdict: After trying out these K babies, I think I’m gonna stick to Korean beauty products for a while. I really love Rucy Vanity’s products. I’m eyeing for their cheek tint ATM. What RV’s products have you tried? 🙂

PS: Check out my semi-makeup tutorial video 🙂


NYX Lip Lingerie is finally in the Philippines!

A girl can never have enough lipsticks. I have similar shades but different brands of lipsticks. Come on, I mean who doesn’t love lipsticks? It can instantly brighten your face. It can instantly make or break your whole look. It can change your aura and vibe. It can make you look like a villain or a princess in distress. LOL.

Recently, NYX Philippines launched its new lipstick collection called NYX lingerie. I first saw it online when it was launched in the US and I’ve been wanting it ever since. Finally, we have it here! It consists of neutral and nude shades. They first launched five shades but just last Thursday, January 12, they released all shades of the gorgeous NYX Lingerie! The twelve shades are Corset, Satin Ribbon, Bedtime Flirt, Beauty Mark, Teddy, Baby Doll, Ruffle Trim, Exotic, Lace Detail, Push Up, Embellishment and Honeymoon! I’m so in love with the shades! You guys have to try it! 


NYX Lingerie Lipsticks


Swatches 🙂

The lipsticks are affordably priced at P490 each. The consistency is just right as it has the right amount of thickness. I’ve experienced watery lipsticks in the past-meaning I apply one coat, let it dry and apply another coat but I didn’t with NYX lingerie. It’s super fast-drying! It has no strong scent too, which I love! It comes in a small glass tube. It also comes with a lip applicator for easy application. I fell in love the moment I applied it on my lips. I was actually surprised that it wasn’t greasy as I expected. Let’s talk about longevity! Boy, it does last all day! Even after I eat or drink, it doesn’t fade right away. Another plus point is it doesn’t dry out my lips unlike other matte lipsticks. 

As you can see, I’m obviously obsessed with the new NYX Lingerie Collection. I personally love the shades Exotic and Ruffle Trim. Here’s a video swatch of these gorgeous lippies. Enjoy 🙂

You can get your own NYX Lingerie at NYX stores in selected SM malls, Zalora and BeautyMNL.


Maybelline’s Falsie Push Up Mascara


The packaging is super cute.


The mascara’s hard to apply because of this big brush.

I have really short eyelashes and yes, I’ve been using castor oil for several weeks to help my lashes grow thicker. But of course, it’ll take more weeks until I see the effect. I need mascara to make my lashes longer and fuller ASAP. Mascara to the rescue! I couldn’t be more excited when I bought Maybelline’s newest product called the Falsie Push Up Mascara Drama. It promises to dramatically lift your lashes and is waterproof. I bought mine at Watsons for only P499. The packaging is super adorable. It comes in a red and pink tube- the red cap is the one you twist off while the pink tube is where the mascara is. I love how sparkly the packaging is. The consistency of the mascara is thick. The first coat is enough to cover both upper and lower lashes. Yeah, it’ll really give you falsies-like lashes. If you’re not really satisfied and decided to apply on a second coating, well, it will give you clumpy, spider-like eyelashes. It’s okay, though because I’ve read that doll-like lashes will be a trend in  2017. The mascara comes with a big brush which I don’t really like because it’s hard to coat the lashes. It tends to be messy; staining the skin nearest to the eyelashes. This mascara has a strong chemical odor, which I also dislike. Here’s the round-up:


Strong chemical smell

Big brush

Super thick consistency



Affordable price

One coating is all you need

Super pigmented

Packaging is super cute



Without mascara


With mascara


It really does lift your lashes instantly.


Sorry for the puffy face and eyes, I just woke up from my nap. LOL.

I’ll give this mascara a 6 out of 10. Although it really works as it really gave me beautiful lashes and one coat is enough, there are other factors to think of like the super thick consistency, smell and how messy it is to apply because of its big brush. In my own opinion, it’s not worth a try. Maybelline’s Hypercurl and Lash Sensation are better than this one.


Beauty, Lifestyle

Eyes Of Horus New Bio Lash Lift Mascara

Last Thursday, Glamourbox invited  me to the launch of Eye Of Horus’s new Bio Lash Lift mascara. It was my first beauty event and I was pretty excited. The event has an Egyptian theme- complete with pyramids, Egyptian-ish sweets and treats and a Pharaoh! Yeah, there’s a gigantic yet cutie Pharaoh lounging around the event’s place which was held in the activity area of SM Makati. Kudos to the Glamourbox team for really pulling off the Egyptian vibe. 

thumb_img_0640_1024thumb_img_0647_1024thumb_img_0648_1024Thank you EOH for the makeup giveaway.

Eye of Horus is an Australian makeup brand which offers different eye makeup – pencil eyeliners, liquid liners, brow pencils, eye palettes, and mascara. I super love their eyeliners. EOH offers pencil and liquid eyeliners, btw. It’s smudge proof, has an amazing color payoff and glides on smoothly. It’s long-lasting too! I can testify that it’s water proof because I washed my hands after the event (as in complete with soap) and the swatches were still on my hand. thumb_img_0639_1024thumb_img_0627_1024thumb_img_0642_1024

The star of the day! EOH’s Bio Lash Lift mascara. It’s 100% vegan mascara and has 98% organic formula which makes it totally safe for the eyes. I love how it lengthens your eyelashes safely and organically. It also comes with a double sided comb so it easily coats every lashes.thumb_img_0641_1024

Free Egyptian-inspired makeup sessions were also given courtesy of talented makeup artists, Sylvina Lopez and Katch Mejias. Here I am in Slo’s makeup chair! She used EOH Goddess Pencil in Teal Malachite and Isis Sun Goddess palette on my eyes. I love how the shade (teal) opened my eyes more.thumb_img_0629_1024thumb_img_0630_1024thumb_img_0631_1024thumb_img_0632_1024thumb_img_0635_1024

There was also a flatlay station and a mini studio where we took photos. Our photos (after the makeup session) were also taken by the talented Jory Rivera. thumb_img_0624_1024thumb_img_0625_1024

Eye of Horus is available at They also have a curated EOH beauty box which contains a liquid liner, pencil eyeliner, goddess eye palette, Ankh necklace and an EOH P100 voucher. What are you waiting for, get yours now! 🙂

P.S: Thank you to Gretchen Gatan, marketing manager of EOH for inviting me 🙂


Happy Skin x Disney Princess


Tale as old as time, true as it can be… Ooops I’m singing my heart out and I’m getting carried away because of the new Happy Skin X Disney Princess makeup collection. When Happy Skin announced that they are collaborating with Disney, my heart bounced with joy and excitement. Who doesn’t love Disney? Disney princesses are classic. Regardless of your age, no matter how young or old you are, I’m pretty sure you love and adore Disney princess as much as I do! 

Happy Skin has a new makeup collection in collaboration with Disney! They offer matte lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, blush and brightening foundation. They had an online pre-sale before the grand launch last November 8. I wasn’t able to pre-order online but good thing the products are still available in their stores. Anyway, let’s get down to business, shall we? I got the Disney Frozen Moisturising Matte Lippie Set in Anna and Elsa. The packaging is uber cute!!! The set is inside a blue box featuring Frozen’s Anna and Elsa. I’m pretty sure you’ll be singing let it go (let go of your money to buy the awesome lipstick sets) in no time. Haha. Anna is a deep, warm red shade while Elsa is a rich, dark plum burgundy. The lipsticks are placed in a crayon-like tube which is totally adorable. True to what they say, the lipsticks are moisturising! You won’t get chapped, dry lips after application. Longevity is 3-4 hours and I need to reapply after eating. Nevertheless, the lipsticks are amazing! 




You can buy them individually or by sets of two (like what I got). You can get drool-worthy lipstick sets at P1299. 

Now, what Disney princess lipstick should I get next? 🙂 I’ve been eyeing on the Belle and Rapunzel lipstick set. Hmmmm… 🙂