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First thoughts on Careline Better Than Basic Liquid Lipstick

Careline, a Filipino brand, has been in the beauty market for years. It’s Ever Bilena’s baby sister and targets the younger generation. It has definitely evolved to a cooler brand loved by today’s generation or what we know as millennials


Careline’s newest lipstick collection called Better Than Basic are finally here! The lipstick line has twelve beautiful lipstick shades which include dark, sultry shades and of course, my-lips-but-better lippies. The whole list included in the collection are Semi Sweet, Gotta Go, Normcore, Glaze, Brick’d, Tutu, In Bloom, Pop, Dark Matter, Craving, Upper Hand, and Wall Flower. Photos of swatches were grabbed from Careline’s Instagram Account, @carelineph.

As much as I wanted to try all twelve shades, I just chose the three shades closest to my heart LOL and those were Gotta Go, Normcore and Tutu. Let’s talk about what I love about these lipsticks first. It is housed in a tube-type liquid lipstick container with a doe applicator. I love that it has a creamy texture yet gives a matte finish. It’s highly pigmented and lasts for 5-6 hours. I am also grateful that it doesn’t have an overpowering makeup scent but just a subtle whiff of vanilla. Thank God. 


Gotta Go (warm nude)






Now, the negatives about this lipstick – the doe applicator seems a little rough whenever I use it. It also dries quickly (not a bad thing) but I find it hard to blend and build up the lipstick. I feel like I have to redo everything because if I’ll just apply a second layer, I’ll just mess it up. 



It is not the best liquid lipstick but I’d still go for it because of the colours and did I mention how affordable these lipsticks are – they’re less than P200! I suggest you guys get nude colours so the flakiness wouldn’t be so obvious when you apply it.

Careline’s Better Than Basic collection is available in Watsons and SM Beauty Department Stores.


Jeunesse Anion’s Millenial Fair

I know how difficult it is for us girls whenever we have our periods. Imagine what we go through every month-uncomfortable, icky feeling, mood swings, crazy cravings and uncontrollable zits popping on our faces! Yup, it’s so hard being a girl. We want a sanitary pad that has quick absorption and can truly protect us from stains, bacteria and odour. Jeunesse Anion has all that plus an Anion chip! 

So what’s an Anion chip? 

Anions are negatively charged atom which are naturally generated by evaporating water. These are also found in natural places such as beaches. In layman’s term, anions are Vitamins of the Air. They are the reasons why we feel so energized when we go near these places. Cations, however, are the the opposite of anions. These are found in the decay of UV rays, exhaust, smoke and the like. Anions act as neutralizers to the harmful effects brought by cations.

Jeunesse Anion releases a lot of negative ions which makes that uneasy period feeling disappear. Aside from that, it also helps balance PH and hormone levels, protects against germs in the air, reduces inflammation, fights against vaginal irritations, eliminates unwanted odour, and lessens the discomfort of dysmenorrhea. 

Last week, Jeunesse Anion invited me to attend their Millenial Fair held at Marriott Hotel hosted by the beautiful sportscaster, Jeanine Beatrice. There were three empowered women speakers- Dr. Faith Suelen (OBGYNE), Mille Romero (Health Coach) and Nicole Romero (Beauty Blogger at @beautyandsparkl), who talked about reproductive health, holistic health living and how to stay pretty. They also discussed the importance of maintaining a well-balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. 



Mille Romero, a health coach, shared some healthy recipes for women on the go.  I specifically love the fresh fruit smoothie recipe she shared which includes cranberry, mixed berries, banana, barley and greek yoghurt. The nutrient-packed smoothie helps boost one’s immune system and is really easy to make. Aside from the smoothie recipe, she also shared how to make a five-minute salad dressing and red pesto sauce.


Sportscaster-slash-host, Jeanine Beatrice


Jeunesse Anion’s Marketing Head, Ms. MJ Huang


Mille Romero and Jeanine whipping up a healthy smoothie


With fellow blogger, Gen-zel

Aside from the very informative talks, Jeunesse Anion introduced their newest endorsers – tennis superstar sisters, Christine and Clarice Patrimonio. Unfortunately, Clarice wasn’t able to make it so we were only able to chat with Christine.


Jeunesse Anion products were showcased in the event including the Ultra Day Pad, Ultra Night Pad, Panty Liner, Ultra Day Non-Wing and All Night Pad. They also launched their all-day singles pad which is perfect from day to night and fits perfectly in your purse! I personally love Jeunesse Anion’s panty liner because it keeps me fresh everyday and I also love the all night pad because it 100% protects me from leaks even when I workout.




Jeunesse Anion All-day Pad

The event was catered by Marriott Hotel and it was also made possible by Jergens Philippines, Clara Ole, Dona Elena, Caronia, Sante Barley, and Old Vineyard.

Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkin is available on Lazada, Watsons, select Mercury Drug outlets, and SM Health and Beauty Section .

PS: Don’t forget to check out Jeunesse Anion’s combo packages on their website, too! 🙂


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Colourette’s Peach Purrfect Mineral Eyeshadow Palette Review

Colourette Cosmetics, known for their super pigmented cheek tints and matte lipsticks, recently launched their first eye shadow palette which is called the Peach Purrfect Mineral Eyeshadow Palette. It comes in a baby pink packaging and has ten beautiful eyeshadows – Rebel Heart, Nighty Night, On Top, Peach Please, Beyonce, Just Me, Glow Getter, Laters Baby, Get It and Not Today.



These mineral eyeshadows are formulated with Vitamin E providing moisture to the skin around the eyes. And did you know that Colourette is cruelty-free? So that means no animals were harmed during makeup formulation. Double YES!

Honestly-speaking, it’s not as pigmented as I thought it would be. You need a few swipes to be able to see the eyeshadows’ pigments. I applied primer on my arm to let the colours pop. I expected a lot of fallouts but it created a few fallouts IRL (in real life). I appreciate the shades combined in one palette because they’re versatile. The palette contains two shimmery shades and eight matte shades. I also like the fact that the shimmery shades double as highlighter. It’s like getting two products in one palette. My favourite shades are Beyonce, Peach Please and Glow Getter because these shades are flexible and can be used from day to night. 



Here are a few FOTDs using Colourette Cosmetics’ Peach Purrfect Mineral Eyeshadow Palette.

Look 1: Girl’s Night Out

First, I prepped my eyelid with a concealer then applied Just Me all over the lid. I chose On Top for my crease to create a depth then layered Nighty Night on the outer V for that smokey eye look. I also added a touch of Laters Baby for a shimmery effect and a dash of Just Me on my tear duct. Lastly, I applied On Top on my lower lashline to finish the look. Guys, don’t forget to blend! It’s the most important key in creating sultry eyes.




Look 2: Subtle Peach Kitten

I ran out of eyeshadow primer so I used concealer to prep my lids. I used Just Me all over my lids then applied On Top mixed with Peach Please for my crease. I applied Beyonce to add a hint of shimmer. Finally, back to Peach Please for my lower lashline to finish this natural day look.




Hurry up and get your own Colourette Palette on Lazada or for only P999.00! 🙂

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Beauty Lab Whitening by Suaviss Experience

My recent beach trips and out of the country escapades made my skin dull, tired and uneven. My skin’s calling out for help; even with sunblock, my skin go dried up because of too much sun exposure. I was so excited when Beauty Lab Whitening by Suaviss invited me to try their signature Red Light Collagen Therapy for the face and body. It consists of a four-step treatment that promises to whiten, even out the skin tone, and enhance the elasticity of the skin. 


Last Monday, I had a very relaxing pamper session at Beauty Lab Whitening by Suaviss located at BGC Stopover. Upon entering, Glitter (what a cute name, right?), the front desk officer, greeted me with a warm smile and offered me something to drink. She also asked me to answer the customer’s questionnaire. The second page has a checklist of all your skin concerns and will be the basis of how long you’ll be inside the ray therapy machine.

Lab White treatment is one of the most effective programs in South Korea. The salon was well-lit and has a very inviting ambiance. It was really nice to chill at the receiving area complete with comfortable chairs. The salon has a minimal design and the all-white colour will make you feel relaxed already. There was also a shelf displaying their products in the area. 


The treatment room includes a small changing area, prepping area, exfoliation room and the Suaviss Lab White R630 Collagen Machine. Before the treatment, I was asked to remove all my clothes, change into a disposable underwear and put on my bathrobe. Ate Jovy, my therapist, also asked me to remove my makeup and my contact lenses, too. Beauty Lab Whitening is well- prepared! Makeup remover and contact lens solution and case were provided in the room.


Changing room


Exfoliation Room


Suaviss Lab White R630 Collagen Machine

I was asked to go to the exfoliation area where the four-step treatment took place. The first step was exfoliation and removal of dead skin cells. My therapist used a non-irritating exfoliant made of sugar cane extracts which has a powder-like texture making the skin extra soft sans the rough, salt-like friction of ordinary exfoliants. It almost felt like a massage oil. She proceeded to apply and (semi-massage) it all over my body. I was interviewing her at the beginning of the session but I eventually dozed off because it was that relaxing! After 20 minutes of exfoliating my whole body, she asked me to sit on the bed. She washed off the exfoliant and asked me to dry myself with the towel provided. The second step was applying the preconditioning ointment which has a strong whitening effect and improves skin tone. She slathered the ointment on my body making sure that it was applied evenly. She then asked me to step inside the R630 machine for 15 minutes. Don’t let the red lights intimidate you as it is UV-free and non-invasive. The ray therapy helps the exfoliant and ointment penetrate the skin to give you the softest skin you’ll ever have. It was definitely the highlight of the treatment for me. It was very comfortable as if I was in a sauna; complete with mp3 and a chair inside. After relaxing inside the therapy machine, Ate Jovy asked me to step out and go to the prepping area where she applied the post-conditioning ointment which helped seal the nutrients from the treatment. 


Suaviss products



I noticed a big improvement on my skin right after one session. My skin tone got lighter and my skin definitely felt softer and suppler. The whole process took 1 1/2 hours and I just felt incredibly amazing after. I can’t wait for my next session!


If you guys wanna try their Red Collagen Therapy, you may check out their Instagram @beautylabwhiteningph. Beauty Lab Whitening by Suaviss is located at 3rd Floor, BGC Stopover, Taguig City. You may also contact them at 546-4601/0927-5120000.

Guys, use BLWDIANE10 when booking to avail 10% off on your treatment 🙂

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What to eat in Osaka and Kyoto

As I promised you guys, I’ll be writing a separate post about the food I tried and tasted in Osaka and Kyoto. I was overwhelmed with the food selection in Osaka and Kyoto because they have the best street food. I’m not really an adventurous eater, I’m more of a I’ve-got-hungry eyes-and-I-want-that-I-want-this and ooohhh-that’s-a-cute-food-I’ll-try-it type of eater. Japan has a wide selection of street food and I’m pretty sure that just by seeing the food, you’ll get full instantly. You will not want to eat in restaurants anymore. Hashtag FOODPORN!

After exploring the vermillion torii gates of Fushimi Shrine, I’m sure you’ll be tired and famished. The alley just outside the shrine is full of street food! Now, if you find yourself in Osaka, Dotonbori is the place to be! It’s a long street full of shops, restaurants and street food.

Here are some of the food I tried:

Rice wrapped in bacon and cheese, 500JPY

Bacon + cheese = BEST COMBO ever! It’s very delicious, filling and satisfying. The flavors just blend well together. And guys, it has BACON, bacon and bacon and it’s topped with torched CHEESE. Need I say more?


Beef Steak on a skewer


Chicken Yakitori

Grilled bite-sized chicken pieces usually thighs and breasts smothered with teriyaki sauce. It’s the perfect match to an ice cold Sapporo beer.


Shaved ice with strawberry toppings

The stall we found in Kyoto only sells strawberry shaved ice; more flavors are being sold in Dotonbori. It has a refreshing taste and it’ll definitely quench your thirst.




Japanese dumpling which is made from rice flour and is similar to mochi. The unique thing about it is the sauce is made up of sugar and soy-based sauce. It’s a weird combination but it works.


Matcha Ice Cream

It’s made of authentic matcha. I swear, guys, it’s 100% green tea goodness. I couldn’t stop myself from eating it. I decided to get another serving. You can choose from plain matcha or matcha and vanilla.



Fried octopus filled with green onions, ginger, pieces of octopus and tempura crisps. It’s topped with dried bonito flakes, mayonnaise and special takoyaki sauce. I’m not a big fan of takoyaki but my boyfriend is. He said it was way tastier than the takoyaki in Manila.

Frozen Butterbeer

Butterbeer, Potterheads! I’m not a Harry Potter fan but this frozen butterbeer is the bomb! It tastes like butterscotch with condensed milk. Univeral Studio Japan’s butterbeer has no alcohol which makes it totally drinkable for kids. You can have it in a plastic cup or a limited edition Harry Potter mug.


Luke’s Lobster Roll

The famous lobster roll which is juicy lobster sandwiched in between buttered bread. You may also try their club and shrimp rolls. Oishii!


Ichiran Ramen

There are a lot of popular ramen places in Osaka and one of them is called Ichiran. You have to place your orders through a vendo machine. Choose your ramen bowl and add extras; I usually order extra half noodles and eggs.

Have you tried these food yet? You can add more food on the list by commenting below 🙂


OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Manila Review

If there’s a makeup trend that I’m pretty sure will go on forever, that’ll be the  MLBB (My Lips But Better) lipstick shades. I think it’ll be a forever trend because it matches almost all types of makeup – colourful, smokey, natural. It also suits almost all types of skin tones. And yup, it suits almost every woman. 

Recently, Glamourbox together with OFRA Cosmetics created a nude matte lippie called Manila. It’s formulated to suit Filipinas. I have fair skin and so far, it also suits me. The packaging, like other long-lasting lipsticks, is in a transparent bottle with a doe applicator.  It has a creamy consistency with a vanilla, caramel scent. Guys, that OFRA scent always gets me! Promise. It’s like you’re applying dessert on your lips. It’s also super pigmented. One swipe is enough to coat your lips. It doesn’t dry out your lips unlike other matte lipsticks. But if you really have the driest lips ever, you can apply lip balm first, let it set for a few minutes then finally apply Manila. What I really like about this lipstick is that it stays almost all day sans lip primer. It stays on even after two full meals, two cups of coffee and few kissie smacks. 



Lippie Tip: You can actually mix and match this nude lipstick with other colors. I tried mixing Manila with other OFRA lipsticks. I used Manila as base then topped it off with Laguna Beach, Mocha and Aries. I love how it can instantly glam up your look. Its flexible shade will definitely make your simple, casual look or smokey, sultry makeup stand out. 


Manila with Laguna Beach


Manila with Mocha


Manila with Aries

The OFRA Long-Lasting Lipsticks are available for P850 on, BeautyMNL and Zalora


Travel Guide: Osaka,Kyoto & Nara Japan

I’ve been wanting to see Japanese temples and experience Japanese culture for the longest time. I’ve seen some in Tokyo but I really wanted to see Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara. Last week, I finally got to see these cities. 

How to go:

Local airlines such as Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific Air and Air Asia have direct flights from Manila to Osaka (Kansai). I booked through PAL because I needed to use my Mabuhay Miles before it expires next year. My flight was a connecting flight and has a layover in Taipei. It was a two hour travel from Manila to Taipei, a 1 1/2 hour layover, and finally, a 4 hour flight to Osaka.

How to go to Kyoto from Kansai International Airport:

Head to the ticketing area and make sure to buy a ticket paired with an ICOCA for JR Haruka Limited Express. The travel time from the airport to Kyoto is roughly one hour.

ICOCA card is their version of Hongkong’s Octopus Card. You can reload this card and can be use for unlimited train rides, buses and even payments at convenience stores. Check this link for more information. 


As much as I want to recommend a no itinerary trip coz you know it’s spontaneous and all that, I highly suggest that you research and plan everything out before going to Japan or mostly anymore to save you time and so you’ll be able to explore the country more.



Pocket Wifi:

If you want to save on your data, if you’ll be staying for at least one week in Japan or if you just wanna be online 24/7, it’s always better to rent a pocket wifi than buying a local sim card. Pocket wifi devices are available in the arrival hall of Kansai Airport. I read that you can rent it on the spot, but just to be sure, always book online. For this trip, we opted to rent Global Advanced Communications’ Premium Wifi for 1290JPY per day. You can choose from the following plans:


Standard Wifi 75MBPS

Premium Wifi 75MBPS with Wide Coverage

Super Premium Wifi 187.5 MBPS

What I like about the wifi in Japan is it’s ultra-fast. No fail, guys. You can download and stream videos without buffering. All plans can accommodate 5-10 devices at the same time. Anyway, we paid online and we just picked up the device in the post office located at the 2nd floor of the arrival hall.

When to go:

If you have read my older posts, you’ll know that I always prefer to go out of the country during spring and fall. But it was summer when I visited Osaka and Kyoto. Guys, it was SWEATfest. LOL. It was like I went to Boracay because of the heat.

There are pros and cons of visiting other countries during summer time and one of them is definitely a lighter luggage because no coats, no layering, no boots. I’m not saying that I don’t like it but I won’t suggest it. 

Where to stay:

You can definitely stay at hostels, airbnbs and three-star hotels. For this trip (since my boyfriend and I were celebrating our anniversary), we decided to stay in Citadines ApartHotel in Kyoto for a night and Hilton Osaka for the rest of the trip.

I definitely recommend Citadines ApartHotel because it’s an apartment-hotel complete with kitchen equipment. It’s also affordable at P7200 per night. It is close to Gojo Station and is a 20-minute walk to Gion where you can spot geishas. 



We stayed in Kyoto for 1 1/2 days then transferred to Osaka for the rest of the trip. We chose to stay at Hilton Osaka. Yup, the price was a little steep but 100% sure that you’ll be a pampered customer. Plus, the location is just across Osaka Station.

What to do:


If you’ll search PINTEREST, you’ll discover that 1 1/2 days isn’t enough to see Kyoto. Yes, it’s true because there are more to see aside from Arashiyama Bamboo Forest and Fushima Shrine. But if you’re time constraint, like us, 1 1/2 days would be sort of enough.

Gion Street

It’s an entertainment street surrounded by restaurants and izakayas cased in traditional Japanese houses. Geishas, entertaining guests, can be spotted roaming the streets of Gion. I researched some do’s and don’ts about geishas and I learned that you can’t take photos with them and photos of them in general. I just secretly snapped a photo of a geisha who passed us by. 

It was a 20-minute walk from Citadines ApartHotel  but we were exhausted from our flight so we opted to hail a cab to get to Gion. We had an authentic Japanese dinner at one of the restaurants here. Tsubi ordered a grill-your-own-chicken set meal while I ordered a duck set meal. We roamed the streets after dinner and went back to our hotel because we were tired, AF (excuse the expression).




Arashiyama Bamboo Forest

We woke up early the next day to see the very touristy Bamboo Forest. It’s one of the must-sees in Kyoto and I couldn’t agree more. You’ll get a feeling of serenity and peace just by standing in the middle of the beautiful bamboos. 

How to goAlight at Saga Arashiyama JR Sagano Line



Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine

It’s definitely better to go here early in the morning where the shrines are still clear of tourists. We went here around 11am and I got frustrated because I couldn’t take photos without photo bombers. I know, I know, my fault. Haha. The famous vermilion torii gates welcomed us and it was a majestic thing to see. If you’re into hiking and long walks, you can trek until the end of the shrine to see the sacred Mount Inari. 

How to goIt is a 10-15 minute walk from JR Inari Station.




Kinkakuji Temple

I’m pretty sure you’ve also heard of this temple. It is also known as the Golden Pavilion. It was very beautiful in real life. According to, Kinkakuji is a zen temple whose top two floors are completely covered in gold leaf. It is built overlooking a large pond and the way it reflects on the water gives the temple more character. 


There’s a tea garden at the end of the temple where they serve authentic green tea and a small piece of cake for 500JPY. Since it was summer, we chose to sit inside where there was a cooling fan. Their green tea was over-the-top delicious! It was 100% authentic and it was the best I’ve ever had. I didn’t really like the small cake but since it was paired with the tea, I ate it anyway. 


How to go: We took a cab but you can also take the subway to Kitaoji Station (Karasuma Line).


After a tiring 1 1/2 days in Kyoto, it’s time to see what Osaka has to offer. We rode a rapid train going to Osaka which was just 30 minutes. We stopped at Osaka Station and made our way to Hilton Osaka. 


We checked-in and rest for a while and made our way to the famous Dotonbori for dinner. It’s a long street filled with shops and restaurants. If you’re a foodie, you will definitely love this place because you can find different kinds of food everywhere! We strolled throughout the street and found Ichiran Ramen, yup, the famous ramen place. The line was exaggerating long, which was a good sign that that restaurant serves delicious meals. After dinner, we found ourselves walking again and looking for dessert. We bought one of the street desserts which was shaved ice filled with strawberry syrup. (Are you a foodie? Don’t worry, I’ll post all must-eat street food in Osaka on a separate post).

How to go: Alight at Namba Station




Universal Studio

I never wanted to visit Universal Studio Osaka because I’ve been to Universal Studio Singapore and Los Angeles but since I was in Japan already, I might as well maximize my vacation and see it anyway. We went there 10 minutes before the opening time. According to my research, it’s always better to go there before people arrive and it’s surely a must to buy your USJ entrance ticket and express pass online. There were several plans you can choose from but since my boyfriend and I were not big fans of rides, I just bought the 4 rides express pass tickets via Special things about USJ were the Amazing Spider-Man 3D, Despicable Me Minion Mayhem 4D, Harry Potter World and Hello Kitty Park.





We took our time in the Minion Park because everything was super cute. We wanted to try the minion ice cream sandwich but chose to eat the shaved ice with Hawaiian syrup served in a cute minion bucket because 1. we were so thirsty 2. I needed ICE because the heat was just excruciating.



For lunch, we ate at a pizza place inside USJ. It was pretty yummy and filling but guys, it was so expensive. The serving was only good for one. If you want to save up, make sure to bring snacks with you.

How to goAlight at Universal City Station. You’ll know that you’re in the right direction because a lot of kids will be inside the train with you.

Osaka Castle

One of the main highlights of Osaka is the famous Osaka Castle. According to, it is owned by Toyotomi Hideyoshi and was the largest castle in his era. 

It was a 15-20 minute walk from the station. The heat became unbearable as we walked but good thing, we brought an umbrella to protect us from the sun. The castle was huge and we chose to just roam around the castle itself. 

How to go: Alight at Osakajokoen Station then walk for 15 minutes to reach the castle.



Umeda Sky Building

After an exciting day with the deer, we were actually supposed to go straight to Kobe for some Kobe beef but we were so tired so we just went straight to the hotel to rest. We went out to eat dinner and decided to check out the Umeda Sky Building. The skyscraper is 173 meters tall and has two towers connected by a floating garden. A super long escalator will bring you to the observatory deck. It’s similar to the Petronas towers in Malaysia but this one’s smaller and shorter. We got in for 1000JPY per head. 




Travel Tip: I suggest you go at night because it just makes the view more romantic. Though, it’s somehow hard to take a photo because of the strong wind.

How to goAlight at Umeda/Osaka Station, walk for 10-15 minutes and you’ll reach the sky building.


Nara Deer Park

Did you know that deer are considered to be messengers of the gods in Shinto? Japanese treats them well and these adorable deer can freely roam around this park. If you wanna feed them, there are stalls in the park selling deer crackers for only 150JPY. They were really cute and every deer looked like Bambi but once they see the food, they’ll semi-mob you. I got scared so I ended up feeding one deer only. LOL. Some deer know how to bow! How cute is that?

How to goTake the rapid express and alight at Kintetsu Nara Station and you’ll reach the park in 5 minutes. 




Todai-ji Temple (Big Buddha)

We walked for 20 minutes to get to Todai-ji Temple. This temple houses the big buddha and the world’s largest wooden building called Daiutsuden. This place is huge and if you really want to know more about this temple, one day isn’t enough. My boyfriend and I didn’t get to explore the whole area but at least we got to see famous bronzed buddha. The entrance fee is 500JPY.

How to goWalk for 20 minutes until you reach the Nandaimon Gate. 




I’ll be posting about Osaka and Kyoto street food on another post. Have you guys been to Japan? What’s your most memorable experience in Osaka, Kyoto or Nara? Comment down 🙂


Biorè Micellar Cleansing Water Oil Control Review

I love makeup so much! If only I can sleep with makeup on, I would. LOL. I’m just kidding, guys. Makeup is definitely enjoyable but when it’s time for a good night’s sleep, it’s also time to give your face some rest. A facial wash isn’t enough to remove the makeup and other junk my face has collected throughout the day so for the longest time, I’ve been using Bioré’s Makeup Remover Wipes but I’ve been also searching for a really good micellar water just to back up my makeup wipes and really remove my makeup. Good thing Bioré has come up with a new product called Bioré Micellar Water: Oil Control. My skin has really adapted to their makeup wipes so I’m 100% sure that their micellar water is effective, too.



Bioré Micellar Water: Oil Control comes in a 300ml pump bottle. It gently removes all makeup including waterproof and sweat proof pencil and gel eyeliners and mascaras. It’s unscented and get this, it doesn’t only remove makeup but also the excess oil from your face. It cleanses and refreshes the skin and doesn’t leave a sticky feeling. I used it after a night out with a heavy makeup on my face – primer, heavy foundation, concealer, contour, bronzer, eyeshadow, blush, waterproof eyeliner, mascara, residue of an eyelash glue, and finally, the dirt that I accumulated from the club. I soaked some cotton balls with Bioré Micellar Water: Oil Control and I was surprised how it dissolved my makeup instantly! I looked like a clown but it just shows how effective this cleanser is. It only took me 3-5 rounds before my makeup was completely gone! The best thing about it was I don’t have to tug around my eye area to remove my mascara and eyeyliner. Amazeballs, right? 










I love this micellar water because it’s made for oily skin like mine. It completely and easily removes my makeup and bonus points for also removing excess oil, grease and dirt on my face. A 300ml bottle for just P460! What a deal, right? 

Don’t miss this product especially if you’re a heavy makeup user! It’s available at Watsons nationwide. You may also get it on 🙂


Guide to Gown For Rent Philippines

Gown For Rent (based from their name) is a gown rental studio. They offer a wide variety of gowns for all types of occasions. They have gowns for as low as P300! Don’t worry about hygiene as they meticulously clean all the gowns before letting customers wear it. Their gowns are adjustable, too! There’s a gown for all sizes whether you’re petite or plus-sized. 

I’ve been attending a lot of weddings lately and of course, I’ve bought gowns but it’s so expensive knowing that I’ll only be using it once or twice. Good thing there’s Gown For Rent. It’s practical and affordable. You can choose from different styles and you can now not worry about wearing the same gowns for all occasions and events that you’re going to attend to.

Last week, I was invited by Gabby of Gown For Rent to visit their store and do a photoshoot for them. They’re located at Suite 302, 77 Visayas Avenue, QC. Upon arriving at the 3rd floor, a cute white door decorated with flowers and a Hollywood-like red carpet greeted me. The studio was filled with numerous gowns in different cuts, colors and designs! I was allowed to choose three kinds of gowns and I had a hard time choosing because there were a lot! And I like all of them! I actually wanted to try a wedding gown but I was too busy looking at the printed section. 



I ended up choosing these gowns:

A black mermaid-cut gown which is perfect for formal events. You can add a pair of diamond stud earrings or a simple necklace to spruce up your look.



A dazzling silver tube dress with a gorgeous train which can be used for proms and graduation balls. I added a pair of dangling earrings for a sophisticated vibe.


A blue, floral off-shoulder dress (my favorite) which can be used for beach or garden weddings. I love this because it’s very comfortable and breathable. The design also gives a soothing and calming feeling. You can add a pair of tassel earrings for a boho chic vibe. You can also apply highlighter on your collarbones for a sexy finish. 



If you’re looking for gorgeous and good quality gowns which you can rent, visit their studio at Suite 308, 77 Visayas Avenue, Quezon City. They’re open on Monday-Wednesday, Friday-Saturday from 9AM-6PM. You can also check their website at


Itchyfeetwonders Giveaway: Gown For Rent GCs and Maybelline Lippies


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Happy Skin’s Eye Woke Up Like This

Recently, Happy Skin launched a new collection called Eye Woke Up Like This. Basically, the collection focuses on products for the eyes and eyebrows. The collection includes mascara, eyebrow pencil, eyelash curler, eyeshadow pen, tweezers, and even an instant makeup eraser. How cool is that, right?

I love Happy Skin’s beauty products because 1. they’re a local brand 2. their products are affordable yet effective 3.they have über cute packaging 4. they’re witty product names always get me. A few days after their launch, I bought some of their products – mascara, eyebrow pencil, and eyeshadow pen at Beauty Bar. Woot! These goodies are amazeballs, I swear!


Eye Love View Too Microtip Eyebrow Pencil and Spoolie Duo in Natural Brown

Now I don’t have to buy an expensive eyebrow pencil because of this product! I have neither thick nor thin brows so I just use a pencil to fill some sparse areas on my brows. This really does wonders! I love that it comes with a spoolie to semi-prepare my brows before I fill them in. This 2-in-1 pencil/spoolie is 100% travel-friendly. I really do recommend this, guys. 



At Long Lash Supercurl Waterproof Mascara

Have you guys heard? This mascara is bristle-free. Yass, bristle-free! I was a bit worried when I tried it for the first time because how on earth can you apply mascara with a bristle-free brush? I was surprised on how easy the application was. Coating my upper lashes was easy breezy but I had a hard time coating my lower lashes because the mascara has a runny consistency; it was messy to use for the lower lashes. 

This mascara is perfect for the upper lashes. It was able to give me a tightline even without actually having to tightline my upper waterline. It was also able to volumize my lashes and it really holds up the curl throughout the day.



Say Eye Do Easy Eyeshadow Cushion Duo in Champagne and Espresso

I’ve been travelling lately and you know how hard it is to pack everything in a one suitcase, right? If I can only bring all my stuff at home, I would but it’s not practical. I bring an eyeshadow palette with me when I travel and of course, it makes my luggage heavier. Thank god for this eyeshadow duo! It’s very handy, lightweight yet super pigmented. I use champagne during daytime and add the espresso for sultry, sexier eyes for night-outs. It’s very easy to apply especially with the its cushion tips.Apply an eye primer just to make sure the eyeshadow lasts until nighttime. 





Have you tried Happy Skin’s Eye Woke Up Like This Collection yet? What’s your favorite product? 🙂


Siargao Travel Guide

Siargao Island is a tear-drop shaped island and is a part of Surigao, which is one of the provinces in Mindanao. It is attracting tourists all over the world because of its great waves, good food, beautiful beaches, friendly people and relaxing ambiance. People in Siargao speaks Tagalog, Bisaya and English. According to Wikipedia, it’s composed of municipalities of Burgos, Dapa, Del Carmen, General Luna, San Benito, Pilar, San Isidro, Santa Monica and Socorro.

How to go:

Direct flights from Manila to Siargao are available via Skyjet Airlines while Manila-Cebu-Siargao flights are available via Cebu Pacific. Make sure to check their websites regularly for promos on cheap fares.

When to go:

All year long because it’s forever summer in the Philippines but best months are April and May. If you’re a surfer, better check the weather forecast for typhoons and waves forecast before booking a trip to Siargao. 

How to get around:

You’ll need an airport transfer to and from your hotel. You can rent motorcycles to go around Siargao. For those who doesn’t know how to ride a motorbike, you can rent a habal-habal for P20 per person.

Where to stay:

My friends and I stayed at Siargao Bleu Resort located in General Luna which is one of the well-known towns in Siargao. It is a three-star resort and has typical hotel facilities – swimming pool, standard and deluxe rooms, in-house restaurant and airport transfers. We got the deluxe room which can accommodate up to 3 persons; breakfast is also included. 

Their pool was under maintenance for three days so they offered a complimentary island hopping instead. YES, tipid hits. They also have different activities every night and happy hour starts from 530-930pm. 

Travel tip: Make sure to bring an insect repellant with you because there are a lot of insects and mosquitoes and more insects. LOL.








Where to go:

Cloud 9

This is one of the best surfing places in Siargao. Beginners or pros come here because of the waves. The boardwalk is also located in Cloud 9. It is where you can just chill and just gawk at the beautiful scenery. 

You can surf here for P500 for one hour inclusive of a surfboard and an instructor. Best times to surf are early in the morning (6-7AM) and afternoon (3-5pm). Don’t worry if you’re a beginner because the instructors are really nice and the baby waves are enough for you to practice standing up on your surfboard.




Magpupungko Tidal Pool and Rocks

It’s best to go here in the morning when it is low tide so you can see the famous rock formations. You also have to cross a series of rocky shores before you get to the tidal pool. The tidal pool looks shallow from afar but it’s really deep once you swim in it. It has crystal clear water and more rocks on the side where adrenaline-junkies can jump and dive. 

We took a van for P3500 because it’s a 1 1/2 hour drive from General Luna. Parking for the van is not yet included in the van fee. 



Naked Island, Guyam Island, Daku Island

These three islands are included in the island hopping and costs P1500 inclusive of a small motorized boat. The entrance fee to Daku Island and lunch are exclusive, though. 

We first went to Guyam Island. I can compare it to the islands I see on the TV series called Survivor. It is well-surrounded by palm trees and crystal clear but rocky beach. We stayed here for 15-20 minutes for picture taking and Instagram stories. There’s nothing to do here really but photos, photos and more photos. 




Next stop was Naked Island. Ooh, this island is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! It’s called Naked Island because there are no trees in the island; it looks naked. It has white sand – not as refined as Boracay sand, but white sand and pristine, blue water. You may opt to swim here and stay for a bit but there are no shade or cottages if you want to rest.

Processed with VSCO with 6 preset


Our last stop was Daku Island. This island is surprisingly more beautiful than Boracay. It has clear water, is surrounded by palm trees and has cottages with picnic tables. This is where we had lunch prepared by our boatman-slash-tour guide. We couldn’t take the heat so we swam before having lunch and we swam again after lunch. We also chilled by the cottage, played cards and drink beer while waiting for the sunset. 



Sohoton Cove

Sohoton Cove is located in Bucas Grande Island.  It is a 2 hour boat ride from Siargao port. You’ll be amazed with the beautiful sceneries that you’ll see along the way. You will have to pay several fees upon arriving at the Sohoton Cove Reception Hall. You will be then transferred to a smaller boat where a boatman will serve as your guide. 

Our first stop was Hagukan Cave. Hagukan is snoring/snore. It’s name was derived from the sound of the waves entering the cave – which sounds like snoring. We swam up towards the end of the dark cave. The cave was surrounded with different types of limestones. 

On to our next stop which was called Bolitas and Crystal Cave. This place is for adrenaline junkies out there. You have to semi-trek a rocky cave and the only way out is to jump into the water. My friends and I passed on this activity but we were able to witness some people jumping! 

Our last stop in Sohoton was swimming with the stingless jellyfish at The Jellyfish Sanctuary. I swam with the harmless sea creatures and yes, it was amazeballs! I got a little bit creeped out because they were so squishy and slimy. I didn’t touch them but my friend did and it was like jell-o!  I got a little paranoid whenever I feel them near me nevertheless, it was a one-of-a-kind experience!

Where to eat:

Mama’s Grill

If you’re looking for grilled food like pork barbecue, grilled fish, grilled pork belly, this is the right place for you! Their food is very delicious and affordable! Eat your heart out because I swear this is the best restaurant for grilled food ever! 




Kermit is one of the pioneer establishments in Siargao. It is owned by an Italian and Filipino couple. They offer authentic Italian dishes and Filipino food. The place gets packed during dinner time so if you wanna come here, better call to make a reservation. Some of their best-sellers are pizza and pasta.







Ola! Ola! Bravo serves Spanish cuisine and their tapas are to-die-for! They have reservations on weekdays; they follow a first-come-first-serve policy on weekends. I recommend the croquetas and jamon iberico. 

We were too hungry to eat! I forgot to take photos but they really do have great tapas!

Shaka Cafè

For vegans and health conscious people, you’ve come to the right place, guys! They serve fresh fruit smoothies, power fruit bowls, acai bowls and coffee. They’re famous power fruit bowls are enough to energize you before and after surfing.


Processed with VSCO with 6 preset

Have you guys been to Siargao? Did you surf, eat and drink? Share your thoughts with me 🙂