Jin Joo Korean Restaurant: Yay or Nay

A month ago, Jin Joo Korean Restaurant opened their first branch in SM Aura. It was an instant hit when people saw their best-selling baby back ribs covered in oozing melted mozzarella cheese. It’s cheese, for goodness sake! Who doesn’t love anything with cheese? 

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I badly wanted to try it so my boyfriend and I attempted to eat at Jin Joo thrice already. The first attempt was epic fail because I was HANGRY already and the line was insane. We didn’t bother to wait because I was so HANGRY. The second attempt was also epic fail because we went there 30 minutes before closing and the manager denied us entry. Last Saturday was our third and final attempt. I was like “If this attempt fails, I will never try Jin Joo anymore.” Luckily, when we arrived, there were only a few people in line. We patiently waited and after several minutes, we noticed some people who just arrived but were escorted to vacant tables immediately. I asked the receptionist if they are taking reservations and she said no but they do have a priority list- meaning customers can call and the restaurant “prioritizes” them by calling their names ahead of other guests. I don’t have to elaborate on this; I just have my eyes rolling until they reach the back of my head. 

We also noticed how unfriendly their manager and supervisor were. The receptionist went inside so there was no one left in the podium in front. A guest politely knocked the glass window to call out the attention of the supervisor. The basic thing to do was come outside and accommodate the guest, but the supervisor asked one of the servers to call the receptionist then she continued drying out the utensils. 

Finally after an hour of waiting, they showed us to our table. We ordered cheese dung galbi (ribs with cheese). The waiter served the side dishes which were refillable but didn’t look appetizing at all. The side dishes were sweet potato, potato, salad, dried anchovies, kimchi.fullsizerender-92


Is it me or this salad looks sad AF?

After fifteen minutes, the cheese dung galbi was served. It included eight pieces of baby back ribs, corn, rice, egg and kimchi. The presentation of the galbi really looked yummy.  Lanz, our server, prepared the food for us. He coated all eight pieces of the baby back ribs with the melted cheese. After which, he mixed the rice with the remaining cheese, corn, egg, kimchi and chili.

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NAY! I’d give it a 1/5. I thought everything with cheese was life. Unfortunately, I didn’t really like the taste of the ribs combined with cheese. In my honest opinion, it the flavors did not compliment each other. The rice was a little spicy because of the kimchi and chili but you can tell the server to exclude it. I was really unsatisfied not only because of the food but with the general service as well. The waiters were courteous and friendly but the management were not. Another thing that ticked me off was how disorganized they were in welcoming guests. I’d rather eat in a small Korean restaurant in Pasig/Ortigas than come back here and waste my money. 

PS: They charge P10 if you’re going to have your leftovers wrapped. *Rolling my eyes again*

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